I have worked as a business and book translator since 2000. I’m a member of the Polish Book Translators’ Association (STL), with some twenty book translations into Polish and English to my name.

Recent Translations

M. Lubańska (2012), Synkretyzm a podziały religijne…, WUW: Warszawa. English translation due out in 2015

D. Goleman, Focus (2013), Polish translation: Focus: Sztuka koncentracji… (2014), Media Rodzina: Poznań

D. Kahneman, Thinking: Fast and Slow (2011). Polish translation: Pułapki myślenia (2012), Media Rodzina: Poznań.

M. Seligman, Flourish (2011), Polish translation: Pełnia życia (2011), Media Rodzina: Poznań.

This English translation of Szymon Paczkowski’s Polish Style in the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (Scarecrow Press 2017) was a thrilling professional challenge. Szymon and I worked very hard on this, and it was gratifying to read critical acclaim of his important book.

Ransom Riggs, Baśnie osobliwe [Tales of the Peculiar], Media Rodzina 2017. This book by a bestselling American children’s/young adult writer of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children fame was an absolute joy to work on: touchingly warm, humane, and very deftly written.